Media that’s Building Human Connections

Healthcare media strategy is deeply grounded in data. But it also needs people who can interpret the human behavior behind data. That’s why we take an insight-driven approach to engagement, pairing proprietary tools like MAP MD™ and Channel Dx™ with our talented people to really understand customer journeys, and what motivates prescribing decisions.

From general medicine to oncology and rare disease, expertise guides everything we do. Our depth of experience across medical specialties—and over 100 healthcare categories—helps us deliver the most efficient, strategically-smart media plans. SSCG’s integrated strategists (trained across all channels) ensure brand messages reach targets with precision and impact.

It’s one thing to say you’re “data-driven,” but another to have the scale to set benchmarks across categories, specialties, and channels. From search to social, video to display, and print to convention, SSCG’s volume and depth of first-, second- and third-party data (along with MapMD™ and our Insights360™ database) gives us the scale to set new standards in precision targeting.

If something needed or helpful doesn’t exist yet, we think it’s our job to create it. That’s why we encourage our people to build new tools, blaze new trails, and innovate with purpose. From ChannelDx™ (custom-built healthcare “channel diagnostic” tool) to essi™ (our proprietary data warehouse/direct buying and reporting platform), we’re forging the future of healthcare media, today.

We view our clients’ brands as our brands. Our clients’ customers as our customers. And our clients’ goals as our goals. In short, our clients’ business is deeply personal to us. Which is why so many entrust all of their consolidated media to SSCG. And why our clients and our people develop deep professional and personal relationships, working together with us for years.

As a steward of our clients’ media dollars, we value transparency above all. We’re 100% open with regard to the cost of media sources. We share documentation that is clear and auditable. We also lead the industry in areas like brand safety and accountability, setting clear standards for third-party tagging, unbiased measurement, viewability, and performance. Our transparent model has helped us build trusting, long-term relationships.

Media that’s Building Human Connections
What We Offer
We offer end-to-end services from sophisticated media research to creating or enhancing customer segmentation, to planning and activating omnichannel media across personal and non-personal engagement channels. And in our relentless pursuit of Building Human Connections™️, data isn’t just a starting point—it’s woven into our holistic media approach, driving us to craft authentic, meaningful engagements for every brand.

Our unified Strategy, Planning, and Buying team employs a customer led approach, utilizing cutting edge proprietary tools. This starts with understanding and empathy for the humans we target. By honing in on their interests, consumption preferences and the challenges faced when treating or receiving healthcare, we ignite strategies that maximize opportunities for our client’s brands to meet the customer when and where it matters most.

Leveraging both third-party and proprietary media research tools, our research team fuels media strategy with a deep understanding of the HCPs information seeking journey. Our foundational research tool, MAP MD, covers 30 healthcare specialties and includes over 1 million data points that provide unparalleled insights into HCP omnichannel consumption and media preferences. Leveraging MAP MD’s rich data, we’ve developed CHANNELDX™ and PLANNERDX™, first-in-market planning tools that guarantee the most effective channel mix for every brand we partner with. Finally, our research consultancy practice provides customized services to meet specific research needs.

MAP MD™ White Paper

Navigating the Now – Understanding Omnichannel Engagement Among Healthcare Professionals

Data is only as strong and reliable as the team behind it. Our Data & Analytics team is dedicated to providing robust measurement standards, effective performance evaluations, and astute campaign insights, leveraging the latest tools, trends, and resources to optimize healthcare media.

Our Search team has DTC/HCP capabilities in both organic and paid search, utilizing advanced keyword intelligence tools, AI and automated bidding systems to maximize impact across the search landscape. Our approach offers a wholistic view into a brand’s search performance and optimizes all relative parameters for overall success against their competitors. By capitalizing on our leading position in the industry, we’re also undertaking new beta programs with partners like Google & Microsoft. Our strategy and approach for a key client was even featured as a case study at Google’s 2020 Think Health & Wellness Conference.

Navigating social in the healthcare space requires a unique understanding of how both HCPs and patients use different social platforms. Through comprehensive research and strong partnerships with our clients, data providers and tech companies, we help brands engage in social conversations effectively, while meeting strict regulatory requirements and mitigating compliance concerns. We lead the way for healthcare, influencing and advising our social partners on whats needed to be successful in the Pharmaceutical space. More recently, we have been provided an exclusive seat on LinkedIn’s Customer Advisory Board, being the only member of the board that is Healthcare specific.

We use leading technology coupled with deep healthcare expertise and quality datasets to deliver programmatic campaigns at scale. Our programmatic team is embedded within strategy, planning, and buying to ensure programmatic activation is always tied back to the business goals, leveraging advanced measurement and the latest tools in automation to not only optimize based on frontend KPIs but showcase clinical effectiveness results due to message exposure. We also play an active role in helping shape programmatic evolution in healthcare, from consulting with emerging health DSPs to developing exclusive partnerships that allow for valuable and custom solutions for our clients.

The Media Technology and Operations team is 100% dedicated to excellence and integrity of campaign execution.  From trafficking assets to monitoring for quality assurance, the team is on the forefront of assuring brand safety, compliance, and data integrity throughout the life of a campaign. They are dedicated to understanding the complex MarTech ecosystem, including navigating a variety of web analytics platforms, container systems, and DMP integrations. The team engages at every step of the media activation process to ensure that execution is just as effective as the strategy behind it. 

We believe that clients should be able to track and understand where and how every media dollar is spent, period. That’s why we provide full transparency around any and all ad-tech partners and data suppliers. Plus, we provide an SSCG Savings Guarantee: ALL savings that we negotiate on behalf of our clients are returned to clients in full, so they can be reinvested to fuel further brand success.

Proprietary Tools

Omni Health is a specialized instance of Omni, Omnicom’s precision marketing and insights platform, enabling personalized experiences at scale. Omni Health integrates consumer with healthcare-specific data sets, including pharmacy/medical claims, affiliation, and market access information. The platform enriches data with a best-in-breed data ecosystem, tied to identity and is specialized for health. Activation with platforms is seamless and enables us to receive engagement data back from our partners. 

MAP MD™ is a powerful statistical research tool that delves into the depths of HCP consumption and behavior, encompassing ~ 30 specialties and over 1M data points. This comprehensive resource provides unparalleled insights into the information-seeking journey of HCPs, enabling us to identify the channels, content formats, and messaging that resonate most with your target audiences. MAP MD’s benefits extend far beyond driving strategy for SSCG’s clients. It is recognized across the industry and data points and insights are frequently referenced by research companies and industry trade publications. 
In the intricate world of healthcare marketing, curating the perfect media mix demands precision and expertise. With our groundbreaking AI-powered media planning tool, we can avoid overspending, wasted resources, and ultimately, a disconnect from your target audience. Crafted in collaboration with Nielsen, CHANNELDX™ harnesses the power of SSCG’s MAP MD™ data to deliver smarter, faster, and more accurate media allocation decisions that are tailored to the target audience and brand goals. The system uses sophisticated algorithms to identify the optimal channel mix and optimized budget. 

Download our latest White paper and take a closer look at our proprietary insights that provide strategy.